Opening very soon!

Powerful 255/120 High Rate Ragnarok Online server based on pre-renewal mechanics without ugly wings, overpowered items, with many quests, events, missions, and content. Developed with love for players.

Opening: 30 October 2021

Special Offer:

Freebies for everyone!

Each new unique player is rewarded for registering before the project launch with additional gift items at the start

An eventful and action-packed game server with three main fun branches:

We're different

The game server developed by fans of High-Rate servers and based on our vision how to make it better

Scale 24/7 experiences

A lot of quests and game systems, Mini-games, and NPCs prepared to entertain you in the game

Battle Competition

The mechanics of the server are a bit modded to allow any class be fully playable and powerful in the game

Basic Info

Episode: 13.2, PRE-RE

Max Level: 255/120

Location: USA (west)

EXP Rates: x10000


Max ASPD: 190

Instant Cast: 150 DEX

Max Stats: 255

Modified Mechanics


Game Protection

Anti-lag features

Built-in RCX into client

Max Windows: 5

Fixed Rates

All Equipment drop: 5%

All mob Cards drop: 2%

All Boss cards drop: 1%

5x faster mob respawn

Game Systems

Battlegrounds 3.0

Mini-game system

MVP / Mob Hunting

Quests collections


Custom server currency

PK Everywhere, except town

Dozens of utility NPCs

and @commands

Please try later, we will release the game client few days before the server opening date. (08 October)

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